Da Native: Outdoor Commission 2017

Credit_Elisha Owen 2
Photo credit: Elisha Owen

“Embedded in woven mother tongues, Da Native’ gathers nomads from sacred sanctuaries across the globe to a shared, dusty landscape. A neutral place where the raucous rhythms are drowned out by the knowledge that we are better off together. Blending the form of the east with sounds of the west, Da Native’ rejoices, as communities come together in a melting pot of understanding. The tribal beats ricochet relentlessly off of the face of the homeland, as travellers depart to realise the world doesn’t just revolve around them anymore.”

Credit_Outdoor Arts
Photo Credit: Outdoor Arts

Da Native was co-commissioned by Greenwich +Docklands International Festival, Latitude Festival, Lyric Hammersmith and Watford Palace Theatre.

Choreography – Botis Seva
Set design – Charlie Cridlan – Click here for website
Music design – Torben Lars Sylvest
Creative producer – Lee Griffiths
Dance artists – Ezra Owen, Jordan Douglas, Joshua Nash, Naïma Souhaïr, Shangomola Edunjobi and Victoria Shulungu.

“Far From The Norm delivers a water-tight performance balancing moments of stillness atop the dome with searing choreographic ensemble work”

Read Ian Abbot’s review of Da Native at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival here

Credit_Ian Abbott
Photo Credit: Ian Abbott