RECK sparks controversy at Aerowaves’ Spring Forward in Denmark

Photo credit: Lars Kjaer Dideriksen

As part of the Aerowaves Spring Forward event, established & emerging critics were asked to review all the featured works. Botis Seva’s RECK received surprisingly frank reviews depicting the work as racist and how it had a lack of theatre etiquette.

“These are black people performing primitive and primate movements to a soundtrack of ominous jungle sounds, tribal beats, and later hip-hop.” Daniel Pitt

He later continues “For artists presenting imagery that is representing minority or oppressed bodies, it’s key that the audience perceives the work how it is intended, and ideally feels a personal connection.” 

RECK was created as a piece that exploring tribal mentalities & cultures and what happens when land is invaded. It also delves into the appropriation & codification of the hip hop language and street dance vocabulary.

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Annette van Zwoll went on to write in response to RECK In the process of becoming an ally… She wrote:

“To me Reck tapped into dangerous stereotypes of black people as sexual, aggressive and animalistic but without criticising, reclaiming or commenting upon that.”

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