GEN 20:20 at SiDance Festival, Seoul

Photo credit – Alice Underwood

Far From The Norm went back to South Korea this month to continue working joined by a cast of Korean dancers to create GEN 20:20 for the International SiDance Festival 2017 which included performances from Russell Maliphant. Over two weeks, Botis put together a brand new work bringing together Far From The Norm and the Korean artists in a 60 minute production which performed over 2 nights at the Sogang University MaryHall Theatre.

Alice Underwood 1
Photo credit – Alice Underwood

“Today, humans are forcing intimacy, faking connections and falsifying interactions. We need to face the legacy we are creating for future generations. If we continue to serve ourselves, our narcissistic ways and not the land, we risk destroying a world that has the capacity to outlive us all. It is time to switch off, reject the algorithms and reconnect to the light of nature.”

Photo credit – Alice Underwood

GEN 20:20 challenges the current norms and invites audiences to return to a world of intuition.

Lighting design – Antony Hateley

Musical composer – Torben Lars Sylvest

Photo credit – Alice Underwood