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Photo credit – Irven Lewis


“It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before in dance theatre…no wonder it got a thunderous standing ovation” Miles Hedley

InNoForm is a politically charged experience that will interrogate what you are accustomed to and why. Living in a frenzied hierarchy, our tolerant society is overthrowing any sense of peaceful harmony: a riotous outburst of primitive social order that morphs into a mob of geezers. Far From The Norm throws the audience into a disarray of experimental theatre interwoven with classical music and of course a few ‘mobbish’ chants.

Photo credit - Camilla Greenwell
Photo credit – Camilla Greenwell


“Tensile ripple of spines and scapulae is gripping” Sanjoy Roy

Through a very small opening, a rebellious witnessing unfolds, a glance into a very different world. A world that proposes a far less conventional vision: Reck. A lot can be said through the dorsal nature of our primitive past. Yet, our dystopian future, will make us alarmingly un-human in hunting our prey. Have you ever been imprisoned in your own freedom…as that’s when the talking has to stop!

Photo credit - Stuart Mayhew
Photo credit – Stuart Mayhew


Ball kicking, heart racing, original and fearless” Katy Noakes

 ‘H.O.H’ throws subliminal social and political issues with sophisticated humour on a football pitch, structured through snapshots of our 21st century life. This riotous adventure attacks political themes disrupting any sense of peaceful protest. A veritable mash up of fast paced footwork and physical floor work, with thrilling vitality, a fury of characters implode into the backstreets of the city that throws everything to utter disarray.


Photo credit - Richard Eaton
Photo credit – Richard Eaton

60 Sec

Winner of Ballett Gesellschaft Hannover eV competition and
Copenhagen International Choreograph Competition

Within 60 seconds how much energy can move through our sphere. You open your eyes and the potency remains, all you can endure is the backlash of a boundless flow.

Time is too slow for those who have to wait but time is too fast for those contemplate.

Photo credit - Camilla Greenwell
Photo credit – Camilla Greenwell


“Cheeky, cockney football fans quickly morph into fascist thugs and the messages about
our ‘tolerant’ British society are doubly potent in their delivery”
Josephine Leask

Guvnas tackles the ugly side of what we don’t talk about, he’s not a racist, he’s a nationalist – but what’s the difference? Unmasking concealed truths, its right in front of you, yet, you still choosing to ignore it. Who are ya?! Keep an eye on the far right, as industry truths are exposed subliminally, interwoven with classical music and of course, a few yobbish anthems.


Photo credit - Minyahil Kifle-Giorgis
Photo credit – Minyahil Kifle-Giorgis

Da Native

“Da Native offers a series of tight choreographic rituals that look at community, home and departure. With a consistency of intense physical detonation and attack, Far From The Norm delivers a water-tight performance” Ian Abbott

Gathering nomads from sacred sanctuaries across the globe to a shared, dusty landscape, blending the form of the east with sounds of the west, Da Native rejoices, as communities come together in a melting pot of understanding. As travellers depart the homeland they realise the world doesn’t just revolve around them anymore.

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Photo Credit – Camilla Greenwell


“Humorous in tone and compactly precise in action” Londondance

If you understand everything, you must be misinformed my friend. The one who smiles over rages, will undoubtedly be stronger. The tongue that bends like bamboo is stronger than the oak that can kill a man six feet high. Sit on a stone for three years, persevere and then you will understand.


Photo Credit – Carmen Klammer


“Immersive and consciously disturbing, a great show to the very end, lead or be led”
The VAULTS 2016

You have a decision to make…Enter or Surrender? Feed or be Fed? All that stands in your way is the Orator and his beast. Orator transcends the audience into double dealing parliament, power greedy politicians and their “Hunger Games” style fight for survival. Its sane as it never was before.

Orator at The Vaults Festival 2016 was commissioned and co-produced by East London Dance. Supported by Arts Council England and Redbridge Drama Centre.